Gold print: Gold printing refers to a technique of printing in a golden hue by the method of thermography or metal printing. This technique, also known as offset, is achieved by using a metal plate on which the desired subject and colour (foil) is engraved.

Why should I choose gold printing for the packaging or labelling of my business products? Undoubtedly, gold printing is now the most widely used packaging printing option in various business sectors, as it enhances any product and gives a sense of luxury that the customer is looking for with their purchase.

At Fototypo there is a wide range of foil colours available as well as the ability to print on a variety of surfaces, making your business vision a reality

Digital Printing

Digital printing is the most modern method of printing, saving your business time and money. As opposed to the traditional offset printing method, digital printing enables us to convert an image or pdf file into a printed format through the respective graphic design tools. Furthermore, they do not require any intermediate pre-press stage, making bulk printing for your business quick and easy.

In both methods, sheet and roll feed machines are used.At Fototypo we provide a wide range of surfaces that you can choose to print on, as well as high performance inks/toners to meet every need.


Digital technology is definitely the biggest part of everyday life in every business, without leaving out the part of corporate communication. Now you can add value to each of your products and packaging through digital gold printing, upgrading the concept of luxury and high aesthetics.

At Fototypo you will find gold printing using embossed varnish and metallic foil textures in variable data. With a wide range of colours and the possibility of printing on many surfaces (leather, cardboard and so on), you can make your business stand out both in sight and in feel, thanks to the luxury we offer.

Printing in large format (or wide format) has undoubtedly been on the rise in recent decades, and is now an essential tool, especially in businesses where technical drawings, maps and GIS applications are used, shipping, etc. The great advantage of large format printers is both the speed and the wide variety of colours, which makes them a great asset to any promotional activity and beyond.

At Fototypo we undertake printing for both private individuals and businesses both internally and externally. Thus, having the appropriate technological tools and skilled human resources, we print large format daily for surfaces including: buildings, banners, cars, signs, wallpapers, interior decoration, etc.

At the same time, we expand your choices through a wide range of materials and surfaces to choose from. Large format prints can be made on materials such as canvas, canvas, wallpaper, photo paper, wood, aluminium, etc., directly and efficiently.

One of the specialized tasks we undertake at Fototypo is the printing of architectural drawings and the post-printing management (precision cutting and folding). Addressing professionals such as: architects, civil engineers, electrical engineers and surveyors among others For this purpose, we have up-to-date technological equipment so that the drawings go through a thorough control bringing high precision results for every need.

At the same time, we provide a wide variety of different fonts and the necessary accompanying files so that your architectural and engineering drawings open correctly. Printing of drawings is available in color or black and white, and the same process is followed for copying architectural drawings.

The use of the plastic card is now an essential part of every business, referring both to the advertising & communication part, and to the facilitation of our daily transactions as a means of payment.

The Fototypo team has a long experience in the field of printing plastic cards for business and personal use. Owning the most popular models of plastic card printers, we guarantee accurate and high quality results.

We offer printing in all modes (offset, silkscreen, UV inkjet and digital). We can print in four-color or even metallic inks. In addition, there is the possibility of printing variable data such as numbering, name, 1D/2D barcode, holder photo and image personalization. Finally, we have the possibility of gold printing, signature ribbon, hologram, etc. Contact us today and design the card you want for your business.

Sometimes a simple print is not enough to make your brochure stand out. The abundance of options is constantly increasing, as is the need for customers to have new and unique forms that catch the eye and attention. Thus, the Fototypo team takes care to upgrade printed forms through various techniques such as:

Lamination of the forms with film on single or double face, for great durability and longevity over time.
Topical UV with high quality varnish, highlighting each print or specific graphic.
Thickening of papers and cardboard at the point you wish to fold.
Gold printing, one of the most popular techniques to enhance any print and add a sense of luxury to covers, brochures and cards.

A large part of Fototypo’s services include printing of printed publications for large or small publishing houses, as well as individuals. We ensure that each print publication has the quality and aesthetic you want the content of the publication to exude.

Among other things, we undertake printing:

Books of all kinds (children’s, school, literary, university, etc.).
Photo albums or any other kind of photo albums. At Fototypo we have managed to successfully and accurately render the colors in all the productions we realize, through specialized techniques, bringing a natural and qualitative result.
Calendars of the day, week, month. Furthermore, we create calendars exactly as you wish (table, wall, spiral) to serve you on a daily basis and to adorn your working environment in a beautiful and supportive way.
Magazines whether it is a few individual magazines or mass printings. Furthermore, we have the option of digital or hard copy printing. Communicate the message you want to your customers in the way and at the time you want.

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